Mobile Dance Hen Parties

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Fancy a hen party at home or at your hen party houses? Unleash the inner diva we know you all have and join in the fun with the mobile dance hen parties. This experience is exactly what it says on the tin, with a few grooves and moves to help make your hen do a lasting memory.


£28 per person

  •  We come to your venue
  •  Many dance themes
  •  Fun warm up
  •  Dance Tutor
  •  Choreographed routine
  •  Learn the moves
  •  Practise the moves as you go
  •  Then put it all together for the final performance
  •  Don’t forget you can singalong as well
  •  Popular dance hen party themes;
  •  80’s, 90’s,Belly Dancing, Beyonce Single Ladies, Burlesque, Can-Can, Cheer­le­ading, Chicago, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Salsa, Thriller


Why Book a Mobile Dance Hen Party?

The girls will have the chance to perform the moves to a dance theme of your choice – all in the comfort of your own venue. Whether that be your home, a hen party cottage, apartment or even a hired room, our dance instructors will bring everything to you so you can focus on perfecting those moves.

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No travelling for you results in less stress making it an even more enjoyable day.  Our dance themes have been tried and tested on over 15,000+ people, so you can feel rest assured that it will go great.

Just choose a fabulous dance theme, your preferred start time and date.  We’ll then arrange everything with our instructors and get things moving.

Feel free to get really involved and wear cheeky fancy dress.  Wear colourful wigs, ridiculous tutus and makeup that might not be fit for public consumption! We have dance classes ranging from the the raving 90s dance class to the on topic Beyoncé single ladies dance party.

Check some availability for our dance classes here