How to Pull Off a Themed Hen Party

 How to Pull Off a Themed Hen Party

For years all the way across the world, women everywhere have chosen to spice up their last night of freedom. Usually with a fun theme that makes the evening that little bit more memorable. Choosing a theme is all well and good, but we’re here to give you some advice. Primarily on how to pull off a themed hen party and make it exciting for everyone involved. 

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes this is easier said than done. However, with the internet  and professional party planners it’s easier to get a little more creative. If you’re the maid of honour, start with what you know your best friend loves. Whether that be a TV show, a certain food or her favourite childhood book. With this base, you can develop an assortment of fun ideas to incorporate into decorations, costumes and invitations. Mobile hen parties are perfect for thinking outside the box. Especially with options like perfume making that you can put your own twist on easily.


The question of how to pull off a themed hen party can easily be answered with a bit of extra creative DIY. Get all the girls together for some helping hands and think about what themed decorations you could make by yourself to add a personal touch to the whole evening. If you’re having some hen party ideas at home, consider creating bunting with the hens’ favourite pictures, or glitter filled balloons if you’re having a sparkly girls’ night in!

Pinterest is a Girl’s Best Friend

No matter who you speak to, every bride to be has set up a few hundred Pinterest boards so they can daydream about the perfect dress, hair, colour palette, venue and everything in between. As well as being the heaven for all things wedding, it’s also a great place to find all sorts of ideas to help you pull off a themed hen party. Have a peek at our Pinterest account to gather some inspiration.

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